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Ages 3 to 12 yrs

KALeB is our Children’s Ministry and it targets all children ages 3-12. Like the patriarch Caleb who had the DNA to step into a radical faith at a very young age and hold on to his dream for eighty years until it was realized, so it is our intention to plant this seed into our heritage – Psalm 127:3. It is always important to build an accurate foundation / base because this will give integrity to the entire process of building all the way to the Finish.


KALeB seeks to build an accurate foundation in the children through the impartation of present truth principles, values, and establishment of accurate relationships. The intention is to focus on the holistic development while fostering an environment that leads them to Christ through learning activities, worship, and prayer.

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Our objectives for KALeB are:

  • To build a preparatory foundation which will serve as a launch-pad for living a successful kingdom life throughout teenaged years and beyond.

  • To create an environment for the impartation of Kingdom principles.

  • To train our children to articulate with clarity a Present Truth understanding of life in the Kingdom of God.

  • To be the mechanism for orientation and induction into the values and culture of our Corporate Community and Congress-WBN.

  • To instill joy in the hearts of our children in serving God.