Project Organization

KALeB 20/20 Youth Foundation


About the Organization

The KALeB 20/20 Youth Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose vision is to revolutionize and improve lives through education, personal development and maximization of our youth’s God-given potential. Our goal is to develop socially relevant community programs to aid in the discipline and development of our nation’s youth. The foundation emphasizes values-based judgment and uses practical means of embedding reflexive responses in youths that do not yield to peer pressure, gang violence or wrongful patterns which exist in their environment.


Project Description

The Youth Empowerment Program is one of the programs offered by the KALeB 20/20 Youth Foundation. This program was structured to provide holistic development to the targeted youths in three (3) modules over eighteen (18) weeks. The modules are:

  • Human Development Program (HDP) Levels I & II.
  • Academic Support Program (ASP) to High School/ Secondary School Students.

Project Goal

To bring about a reduction in poverty and crime by empowering youths to realize, apprehend and attain a quality future through education.

To instill exemplary ethical values and operational patterns within a maturing generation by incorporating Principled Human Development Education


Project Objectives

To make additional tutoring available to students who do not have access to good quality after-school programs.

To build integrity within the youths through Life Skills training that will run concurrently with the academic program.

To provide tutelage which will produce a more confident youth who understands and practices ethical principles of hard work, honesty, and discipline as the foundation and pathway to achieving sustainable success.


Project Activities

HDP Level I - is a one (1) week personal skills development program which encourages participants to develop positive attitudinal postures, set goals, and strategize to achieve these goals.

The ASP - provides tutelage in CSEC Mathematics and English over a sixteen (16) week period or thirty-two (32) sessions. Students are prepared by qualified university lecturers for examinations which are held in the months of: June-July annually. 

HDP Level II - is a one (1) week program implemented in five (5) one day workshops which allows the students to participate in simulated world of work exercises.


Project Impact

Thus far 60 students have benefitted from the Youth Empowerment Program.