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Women 18 yrs and over

Hebroness Sophos Company is our Women’s Ministry which is designed to produce godliness and holistic life within our women. It refers to the nature and characteristics of the Biblical personage Ruth who knew how to enter into meaningful covenant, persist even against the odds, and had an ability to continually migrate / journey through circumstances, into a better place.

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Identity of a Hebroness Sophos Company Woman:

  •  A warrior in the spirit with capacity to call forth and create things in the unseen realm.
  • Wholly committed to prayer for the current initiatives, life and advance of her family and KC / Congress.
  • Demonstrates strength of character, conviction and passion in her heart to partner with God in the advance of the Kingdom of God.
  • Submits to the headship of her husband in Christ.
  • Carries herself with finesse and lady-likeness, being balanced and measured in her choices and responses to situations.
  • Arrayed with the internal beauty of care for all and compassion for the dispossessed and marginalized.
  • Discerns her times and seasons. 
  • Demonstrates the values of the Kingdom in her speech, conduct, thoughts and motives.