Men 18 yrs and over

The Hebronite Eben Company is part of a global company of Hebronites. This is where the release of God’s grace is imparted to the men, as they stand in their true headship position. Eben means stones cut without hands. These stones represent the collective body of men joined together as one, and understanding their fit in the foundation of our IIC / Congress WBN community.


EBEN means:

  • Rightly fitted.
  • Common or in its natural place.
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Identity of a Hebronite Eben Company Man:

He's 'ROBUST':

  • Radical - standing accurately in his headship role as prophet and priest of his home; responding rightly in any giving situation; holding fast to the values and standards of the Kingdom.  
  • Obedient – sensitive to the speaking of God (Leadership); governed and knows how to rule within his God-given sphere; totally committed to God-ordained processes.
  • Bold – resolute, strong and filled with spiritual combative capacity; confronting worldly systems fearlessly.
  • Under Authority – Faithful steward characterized by attitude of sacrifice, personal death and accountability; recognizes rank. – Genesis 49:14 & 1 Chronicles 12:18
  • Student (of the Word) – committed to internalizing the Word (Berean attitude); willing to be mentored.
  • Template - a patterned lifestyle, filled with wisdom, gentleness and compassion. - Micah 4:2