Inheritance International Centre is a part of God’s global civilization that follows apostolic doctrine, and is the product of God journeying with us and helping us over the past sixteen years. God has deposited and built within us core values such as, endurance, faithfulness, otherness, and commitment to excellence. These values coupled with His gift of creativity are actively passed on and displayed to members coming in to be a part of our community. We welcome you to join in our advance with strength and clarity as we build the Kingdom of God with accuracy.


Inheritance comes from the Hebrew word kleronomia. It refers to that which is given to one as an eternal possession and indicates right of access to the promises of God. An inheritance is not acquired by what you do but rather by who you are. Additionally, the nature of the Inheritance is determined by your apostolic connection.

The word international serves to accurately position our Kingdom Community in our borderless Congress world as a part of God’s Global Civilization.



Inheritance International Centre is a Core Kingdom Community of Congress WBN committed to being:

  • A sending centre to all nations.
  • A fortress of aggressive “back-up” governmental prayer for the Congress.
  • A place of celebrated servant-hood and obedience.
  • An accurate representation of Christ – ‘Congress Ways’.
  • A people of continuous migration and maturity – ‘Finishers’.