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Ages 13 to 17 years

This is our young people’s ministry which targets both male and female students attending secondary school between the ages 13- 17. Our youths must have 20/20 vision, as they represent IIC’s strategic action to bring young people to a place of maturity and elevated sight.  This enables them to bring positive impact within their environment and build holistic lives with balance and flexibility.


We intend to create strong uncompromising foundations within these young people so that they fully comprehend that decisions cannot be based on peer pressure, gang influence, and observation of wrong patterns or any other distraction from the enemy, that’s designed to bring abortion of God’s process in their youth.

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Our objectives are:

  • To make them skilled in the knowledge and revelation of the Word of God.

  • To have them become ardent worshipers.

  • To build self-esteem and competence within them.

  • To shape and develop their leadership potential.

  • To craft within them a clear understanding of the principles and internal values of the Kingdom of God along with the strength and resoluteness to walk in those values and principles.